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College instructors

Unlike most programming textbooks, our books are designed to teach students how to develop business applications at a professional level. In fact, our primary market has always been professional programmers and the corporate instructors who are responsible for training those programmers.

From the start, though, we found that some college curricula are designed to teach students how to develop business applications at a professional level. We also found that some departments and instructors like to teach their students real-world skills because that makes their courses more interesting and more in demand.

So at any given time, our books are used by about 150 universities, colleges, technical institutes, and community colleges. And they're used in departments like CIS, IS, IT, MIS, and Continuing Ed, and in Computer Science departments for courses that don't adhere to the ACM Curriculum.

To be more specific, we find that our books are used:

  • By technical institutes and community colleges that focus on teaching the skills their students need to get professional programming jobs
  • In Continuing Ed and Extension programs where the students want to enhance their job skills for career growth
  • By professors and instructors in colleges and universities who want to show their students the complexities of how programs are developed in the real world
  • By adjunct professors with day jobs, because they know that ours are the only books that teach programming the way it's done on the job

To learn more about our books and Instructor's CDs, please explore the links at the left. Then, order a complimentary review copy for possible use in one of your courses. If you haven't seen our books before, you may be surprised to discover a new level of structure, clarity, and relevance.

If you haven't heard of us before...

In case you aren't familiar with us, we do all of our marketing through our web site, referrals, and email. That means we don't do telemarketing and we don't make sales calls. In other words, our books and instructor's materials have to sell themselves. And we're proud to say that they do.

After you receive a review copy, we usually follow up via email, just to make sure you got the book and to see whether you have any questions. We also follow up once or twice a year to keep you updated on new products. So if you want us to stay in touch, please let us know whenever your email address changes.

Finally, word-of-mouth and referrals have always been essential to our success. So if you like our books and they work well in your classes, please tell a colleague or friend. Thanks!

      To contact us, call us at (800) 221-5528 or email us at

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