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About Murach eBooks

Attention eBook customers: Server upgrade
What to expect from our eBooks
How the Viewer works
What you can't do with our eBooks
What happens when you order an eBook
Our recommendations for Viewer settings
Your comments, please

Attention eBook customers: Server upgrade

Locklizard, the company that provides our eBook viewer, upgraded their server on Sunday, September 28th. That upgrade requires that existing eBook customers re-register their LockLizard Protected PDF Viewer.

The server upgrade does not affect first-time eBook customers who've ordered after the upgrade date.

Existing eBook customers should have received a new registration email from Locklizard. To continue using your Murach eBooks, please re-register your software by clicking the license link contained in this email.

If you have not received your new license, or if you have any questions, please contact us at

What to expect from our eBooks

  • Our eBooks are designed to let you read them on up to 3 computers or devices using a 3rd-party Viewer.
  • The Viewer can run on these 4 operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (for devices like the iPad and iPhone).
  • Our eBooks make it easy for you to search our books when you use them for reference and to carry them with you on your laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • Our "paired pages" format is one of the unique features that makes our books so effective, and that format works best for learning in print. But you can set the Windows, Android, and iOS viewers to display the paired pages side-by-side.
  • At present, we don't offer our eBooks in any other formats, like Kindle or Nook, or at Safari Books Online.

How the Viewer works

  • Our eBooks require that you install and register a special Viewer from a company named LockLizard. You can get Viewers for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. (Besides being available from LockLizard, the Android Viewer is in the Google Play store and the iOS Viewer is in the Apple App store; both are free apps.)
  • When you buy our eBooks, you get 3 Viewer licenses. That means you can install and register the Viewer on 3 different devices.
  • The installation takes just a couple of minutes, and you only need to do it once, no matter how many of our eBooks you buy.
  • Once you've installed and registered the Viewer, you won't ever need to enter a user name or password to view one of our eBooks on that device. The authorization is done automatically, due to the registration.
  • The Viewer is similar to Adobe Reader, but simpler, and the eBook files have an extension of PDC instead of PDF. Each eBook is fully searchable and allows for unlimited printing. And all of the chapters and topics are bookmarked for easy access.

What you can't do with our eBooks

  • Access our eBooks on other devices or with other readers.
  • Run the LockLizard Viewer in Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, and other virtual environments.
  • Cut-and-paste, mark up text, add your own bookmarks, or change the existing bookmarks.

What happens when you order an eBook

  • You'll receive an email from us that gives you a link for retrieving your eBook.
  • If you haven't bought an eBook from us before, you'll receive an email from LockLizard that tells you (1) how to install the Viewer and (2) how to register the Viewer.
  • If either email doesn't arrive, please check your junk or spam email folder. (In most cases, both emails arrive immediately, but the LockLizard email may take up to 30 minutes.)

Note: Please keep the emails and your eBooks with your software backups. Then, if you re-install your operating system or change your hard disk drive for any reason, you can re-install and re-register the Viewer and continue using it as before.

Our recommendations for Viewer settings

  • For the Windows, Android, and iOS Viewers: Because our books use our unique "paired pages" format, we recommend that you set the Page Layout options in the View menu to Facing and the sizing option to Fit to Page. That way, you can see both pages in a pair at once.
  • If those settings make the type too small for reading, you can close the Bookmarks panel by clicking on the rightmost button in the toolbar and then reset the View option to Fit to Page. Otherwise, you can increase the page size or use the default Single Page setting.
  • Note that the Mac Viewer doesn't provide for the Facing layout. It is also missing some of the other functionality of the Windows, Android, and iOS Viewers.

Your comments, please!

To put it simply, our goal is to provide easy-to-use eBooks for our customers without the risk of widespread piracy.

That's why we've chosen the LockLizard approach to eBook protection. Although we know this isn't the perfect solution for everyone, we sure hope that most of our customers will be more than satisfied with it.

Of course, if you have any comments about our eBooks or ideas on how to make them better, we would appreciate hearing from you. And thanks again for being our customer.

Phone: 1-800-221-5528

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Our 100% Guarantee

First, try our books for 60 days. Then, if you aren't completely convinced that our books are the best ones you've ever used, you can return them for a prompt questions asked.

      To contact us, call us at (800) 221-5528 or email us at

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