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About Our eBooks


  • Since August 17, 2017, we have been using VitalSource Bookshelf to fulfill our eBook orders. If you haven’t used VitalSource eBooks before, you’ll be pleased to discover that they are not only easy to use but also provide all the features that you might want.
  • You can view VitalSource eBooks in an online version of Bookshelf, and you can also install offline versions of Bookshelf on two Windows or Mac computers and two mobile devices like iPads, Android tablets, or phones. However, only one device can be active at a time.
  • To take full advantage of our “paired pages” formatting, we recommend that you install and use Bookshelf on a Windows or Mac computer. Then, if you set the Page Layout to Facing Pages, you’ll be able to read our “paired pages” just as you would if they were in print.

How to get your VitalSource eBooks

  • If you already have a Bookshelf account when you order your first VitalSource eBook from us, you will probably need to synchronize your Bookshelf account with our website. To do that, go to your My Account page on our website and view the details for your eBook order. Then, if a red message indicates that you need to sync your VitalSource account with our website, please enter your VitalSource password. After that, you can go directly to the VitalSource website to access your Murach eBooks.
  • If you don’t have a Bookshelf account when you buy your first VitalSource eBook from us, we’ll create one for you with a temporary password. Then, you can go to the VitalSource website to access your eBook with that password. Once you’ve done that, you can change the password to one that you prefer.
  • After you’ve used Bookshelf to access your first Murach eBook, you can just go to Bookshelf whenever you order another Murach eBook. The book will automatically be placed in your Bookshelf account.

Legacy support for LockLizard eBooks

  • If you ordered eBooks before August 17, 2017, we fulfilled them with LockLizard eBooks, and you will still be able to download and read those eBooks using a LockLizard reader. For more information, please go to Legacy support for LockLizard eBooks.

How to use VitalSource Bookshelf to read your eBooks

How to get your eBooks

  • When you buy your first VitalSource eBook from us, it’s important to get your VitalSource account set up right. This is explained in the Overview above.
  • Once that first VitalSource eBook is set up, you just go to the VitalSource website and sign into Bookshelf with your email address and the password that you created or the temporary password that we sent you:Bookshelf sign in
  • That will open the online version of Bookshelf with a display of the eBooks that you’ve purchased. If they don’t appear, you can select Update Library from the Tools menu.
  • If you’ve already used Bookshelf, you can take it from there. Otherwise, the topics that follow will help you get comfortable with Bookshelf.

How to use the online version of Bookshelf

  • When you sign into Bookshelf on the VitalSource website, the opening page displays the eBooks that you’ve purchased, like this:
    Online Bookshelf
  • If all of the books that you purchased aren't shown, you can select Update Library from the Tools menu.
  • If you signed in with a temporary password, this is a good time to change it. To do that, click on the Account icon on the far right of the Bookshelf toolbar and select Account Info.
  • To open one of the eBooks, you can click on it:Online Book page
  • Then, you can use the controls at the left and bottom of the screen to work with the eBook. In general, though, the offline readers work better and you don't have to be connected to the Internet to use them.

How to download and start an offline version of Bookshelf

  • In the online version of Bookshelf, click on the toolbar button that's identified below. That will display a panel that lets you download the offline version of Bookshelf for the device that you're using.
    Offline download menu
  • When you install and start the offline version of Bookshelf, all of the eBooks that you've purchased will be displayed, as in this display for Bookshelf on a Windows computer:
    Offline Bookshelf computer
  • If all of the books aren't shown, you can select Update Book List from the Account menu. Then, if necessary, you can click All Titles in the Collections pane on the left side of Bookshelf.

How to display one of our books in an offline version of Bookshelf

  • To open one of the books, double-click on it. Then, you can experiment with the controls in the toolbar to see how easy it is to work with a VitalSource eBook.
  • To change the display of a book, you can use the drop-down list for Page Layout in the toolbar. Here, for example, is the Bookshelf display for a Windows computer with the Page Layout set to Facing Pages:Facing pages
  • This of course is the layout that we recommend for our books because it lets you get the most from our "paired pages" presentation method.

How to use our books on a mobile device

  • Bookshelf on a mobile device works similarly to Bookshelf on a computer. Here, for example, is a figure page from one of our books in Bookshelf for the iPad:
    iPad screen
  • Here again, if you experiment with the controls at the top and bottom of the page, you'll see how easy it is to change the layout, search, navigate, highlight, bookmark, add notes, and more.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t display our books in Facing Pages layout in Bookshelf on a mobile device so you can’t get the full benefit of our “paired pages” formatting.

Our recommendations for using our VitalSource eBooks

Download and use an offline version of Bookshelf

  • Since Bookshelf on a Windows or Mac computer works better than the online version, it’s worth taking the time to download an offline version. That also means you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to access our eBooks.

Use the Facing Pages layout on larger screens

  • If the device you’re using for an offline version of Bookshelf has a screen that’s large enough to support Facing Pages, use that layout when you’re reading our books. That will help you see how effective our “paired pages” presentation method is for technical instruction.
  • Note, however, that Facing Pages are only supported by the offline versions of Bookshelf for Windows and Mac computers.

Get the benefits of our “paired pages” on smaller screens

  • On smaller screens, like an iPad, you can’t display both pages in a pair. But remember that each text page in one of our books is matched with a facing figure page. As a result, you can go back and forth between figure and text just by going back and forth between pages.

Legacy support for LockLizard eBooks

On August 17,  2017, we switched from LockLizard eBooks to VitalSource eBooks. If you bought LockLizard eBooks from us before that date, you will still be able to download your eBooks by opening the orders on your My Account page on our website. You will also be able to access the file that you need for registering LockLizard Viewers on your devices.

How to install and register a LockLizard Viewer

Before you can read a LockLizard eBook on a device, you need to:

  • Download and install the LockLizard Viewer for the device.
  • Register the Viewer.
  • Download the eBook and open it in the Viewer.

To do these tasks, you need to:

  1. Go to your My Account page on our Retail web site.
  2. Click on the “Legacy eBook Instructions” tab.
  3. Follow the instructions in that tab.

How to download one of your LockLizard eBooks from our website

If you’ve already installed and registered a LockLizard Viewer on your device, you can download a LockLizard eBook to that device by using this procedure:

  • Go to your MyAccount page on our website.
  • Open the invoice for the LockLizard purchase and click on the Download Now button for the book.

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