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Mike Murach
Founder, Murach Books

Corporate courseware since 1974

Soon after we published our first book, I got a call from the training manager of a large utility in the Southeast. He said:

"I want you to know that we just tested your $15 book against IBM’s $3750 multimedia package…and your book won!"

A few years later, IBM asked us to develop a COBOL training package for them that they used for employee and customer training. It consisted of 3 COBOL books that we had already published, plus an Instructor’s Guide that we developed just for them. That got us started with courseware, and we’ve been improving on it ever since.

Today, the prices have changed, but the phone calls (and emails) are still the same. Trainers and managers tell us that our books and courseware outperform all of the competing products. And to prove that, we still offer the only ironclad training guarantee in the industry.

What trainers say

"We’re currently using 3 Murach titles for our instructor-led training courses and we couldn’t be happier. Students love the material and consistently rate it very highly [and] we’ve found it to be a rich resource for success with our classes. I personally recommend this material to anyone with a need for technical learning."
Mark Dunn, President, DUNN Training and Consulting, Inc.
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

“All classes with Murach Books go great!!!”
-- Sam Gill, PH.D

Our ironclad training guarantee

First, try our books and courseware in one or more courses for up to 60 days. Then, if your trainees aren’t learning faster and better than ever, you can return everything for a prompt refund. No questions asked!

How to get FREE courseware for our books

In the past, we’ve sold the supporting courseware for our books at prices of up to $1000 per set. But since our books are the key to improved training and on-the-job performance, we no longer sell the courseware. Instead, we provide it FREE when you buy 10 or more copies of the related book.

Our goal is to get you to try our books in your courses. If you do that, you’re going to find that your trainees get more out of your courses during class time. Even better, they’ll have an on-the-job reference that will help them improve their performance on the job.

Note, however, that you can’t use the Shopping Cart on our website to order the books and get the FREE courseware. Instead, please read How to order our books and courseware.

Our Ironclad Guarantee

You must be satisfied. Try our print books for 30 days or our eBooks for 14 days. If they aren't the best you've ever used, you can return the books or cancel the eBooks for a prompt refund. No questions asked!

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College Instructors

If you're a college instructor who would like to consider a book for a course, please visit our website for instructors to learn how to get a complimentary review copy and the full set of instructional materials.