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3 Ways to Use Our Books for Training

1. For self-instructional courses

If you need to put together a quick, self-instructional course: Just distribute our books to your trainees. Because all our books are designed for self-instruction, they will teach your trainees the skills that they need.

If you want to monitor the results of these courses, you can use our tests to test comprehension and our exercises to test performance. Or, you can let your trainees prove their competence by doing on-the-job assignments.

2. For improving an existing course

This sounds too easy, but if you want to improve an existing course, just distribute one copy of our book to each trainee and recommend it as supplementary reading. Otherwise, you can do everything else the same.

Before long, you’ll notice that the questions in class are better and that your trainees are doing better on practice assignments. Later, if you check with your trainees when they’re back on the job, you’ll find that our books are their favorite references…and their on-the-job performance has improved.

3. For standup instruction

Get our book and the FREE courseware for the course. Then, plan the course as summarized in How to prepare for a course. At that point, you should be ready to run the course.

For best results, though, make sure that all trainees get their own copies of our book before the course ever starts. That will improve your training results in at least four ways:

  • Some trainees will start to read the book before the class starts so their questions will be better from the beginning.
  • Your trainees will be able to review what you’ve presented in class on their own so they won’t ever get lost.
  • If you’re going to assign book exercises, your trainees will have easy access to the book.
  • After the course is over, the books will help your trainees improve their performance on the job. And isn’t that the primary goal of training!

Our Ironclad Guarantee

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