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Murach's Mainframe COBOL
by Mike Murach, Anne Prince, and Raul Menendez
22 chapters, 687 pages, 310 illustrations
ISBN-10: 1-890774-24-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-890774-24-0

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Note: If you've bought the printed book from us in the past and now want to buy the eBook, please call us.

This is the latest edition of our classic COBOL book that has set the standard for structured design and coding since the mid-1970s. So if you want to learn how to write COBOL programs the way they're written in the best enterprise COBOL shops, this is the book for you. And when you're done learning from this book, it becomes the best reference you'll ever find for use on the job.

Throughout this book, you'll learn how to use COBOL on IBM mainframes because that's where 90% or more of all COBOL is running. But to work on a mainframe, you need to know more than just the COBOL language. That's why this book also shows you:

  • how to use the ISPF editor for entering programs
  • how to use TSO/E and JCL to compile and test programs
  • how to use the AMS utility to work with VSAM files
  • how to use CICS for developing interactive COBOL programs
  • how to use DB2 for developing COBOL programs that handle database data
  • how to maintain legacy programs

If you already have the previous edition of this book, Murach's Structured COBOL

You probably don’t need this mainframe edition because much of the material is the same. Basically, we’ve changed the focus in this edition to reflect the predominance of mainframe COBOL in today’s world. (There is a new chapter on VSAM files, but you can get that material in an expanded form in our JCL book.)

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