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Train in COBOL on your own PC
with Micro Focus Net Express

Micro Focus Net Express is a PC-based compiler and development environment that makes a terrific self-training tool. You can use it to enter, test, and debug programs on your own PC, and get immediate feedback on how the COBOL code works.

That means you can concentrate on learning the COBOL skills that will transfer easily to the mainframe environment, without the overhead and complications of working on a mainframe (our COBOL book will guide you through those complications when you go to work in a mainframe shop).

To find out about the editions of Net Express that are available for download and purchase, please go to the Micro Focus website. Then, to work with Net Express more easily once you have it installed, you can download the documents that we’ve developed:

  1. A tutorial that shows you how to edit, compile, test, and debug COBOL programs with Net Express
  2. Practice exercises for the chapters in our book, with specific instructions for using Net Express to do them

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