Murach's CICS for the COBOL Programmer

Chapter 8 Additional CICS commands and programming techniques
Terminal handling techniques 234
How to position the cursor 234
How to modify field attributes 236
How to optimize data transmission 240
How to identify data entry fields 242
How to edit input data 244
How to edit numeric input 246
Two subprograms that edit numeric data 248
How to use the SEND TEXT command 252
How to handle unrecoverable errors 254
How to invoke a generalized error handling program 254
The COBOL code for a generalized error handling program 256
How to access data using the Linkage Section 258
How to use fields in the Execute Interface Block 258
How to access CICS areas 260
How to format the date and time 262
How to use the ASKTIME command 262
How to use the FORMATTIME command 264

Murach's CICS for COBOL

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