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Murach's CICS for the
COBOL Programmer
by Raul Menendez and Doug Lowe
22 chapters, 633 pages, 214 illustrations
ISBN-10: 1-890774-09-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-890774-09-7

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Join the more than 150,000 programmers worldwide who have learned CICS using this book, either on their own or in a training course! Now in its third edition, it provides the practical, fast-paced training and reference that's essential for today's CICS programmers.

In fact, by the end of chapter 2, you'll see how a complete CICS program works, so you'll understand all the pieces involved. And by the end of section 2 (just 6 chapters), you'll be able to design, code, and test CICS programs on your own. No time wasted!

Then, whether you're a new or experienced programmer, you'll go on to master the skills that make you a thoroughly professional CICS programmer. And once you're done with training, you'll have a time-saving reference book to answer the questions that crop up on the job every day.

To be specific, section 3 presents additional commands and techniques you'll use regularly on the job. Section 4 presents a complete CICS application made up of 4 interrelated programs—great time-saving models for your own work. Section 5 shows you how to process sequential and VSAM files and DB2 databases—essential skills in any CICS shop. And section 6 gives you an overview of other CICS capabilities that even the more experienced programmers in your shop may not know much about.

So get this book today. See for yourself why it's been the programmer's choice for CICS education ever since the original edition was published 22 years ago.

Here are a few more highlights:

The best presentation of CICS concepts available anywhere

That's what programmers have told us again and again. This book provides the groundwork you need to understand how your CICS programs actually operate. And that understanding makes it easier for you to handle every phase of CICS development, from design through coding, testing, debugging, and maintenance.

Two techniques for developing modern CICS programs

In section 6, there are two chapters that may be of special interest to you. First, in chapter 20, you'll learn how to design and code programs in which the presentation logic is separated from the business logic. That makes it feasible to create a program with a front-end in a language like Java and leave CICS on the back-end to process transactions. Second, in chapter 21, you'll be introduced to techniques for developing CICS programs for the web. And that, of course, is a compelling reason for separating the presentation logic from the business logic.

Professional coding models

You need complete program examples to learn CICS, and that’s what you get in the this book. Not snippets of code that leave you with questions, but 12 full programs, with specs, design, BMS mapsets, and COBOL code, that teach you how to handle real-world programming demands.

Paired pages for quick knowledge

All the information is presented in "paired pages," with the essential details and examples on the right and the perspective on the left. You read less and learn faster!

Flexible reference

The paired pages and the coding examples make this book easy to use for reference. Find the answers you need, right when you need them.

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