Murach's Visual Basic 2008
An introduction to database programming

Database processing is an integral part of Visual Basic business applications, yet most Visual Basic books give you only a chapter or two on handling databases. In contrast, chapter 13 in this book is the first in a 4-chapter section on database programming. It starts out by introducing you to database design and SQL queries. Then, it gives you the conceptual background that you need for learning how to develop database applications in the chapters that follow.

Chapter 13 An introduction to database programming
An introduction to client/server systems 396
The hardware components of a client/server system 396
The software components of a client/server system 398
An introduction to relational databases 400
How a table is organized 400
How the tables in a database are related 402
How the columns in a table are defined 404
The design of the MMABooks database 406
How to use SQL to work with a relational database 408
How to query a single table 408
How to join data from two or more tables 410
How to add, update, and delete data in a table 412
An introduction to ADO.NET 414
The .NET data providers 414
How the basic ADO.NET components work 416
Concurrency and the disconnected data architecture 418
How a dataset is organized 420
How to work with data without using a data adapter 422
Two ways to create ADO.NET objects 424

Murach's VB 2008

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