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Murach's HTML5 and CSS3

We now have a later edition of this book, Murach's HTML5 and CSS3 (3rd Edition), and it has its own set of downloadable sample chapters and applications.

If you're using this 2012 edition, though, please click on the file below that you want to download.



Chapter 5 - CSS Box Model Tutorial

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All Book Files
(for Windows)

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self-extracting ZIP

All Book Files
(for any system)

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ZIP file

Chapter 5
How to use the CSS box model for spacing, borders, and backgrounds

When you use cascading style sheets (CSS) to format your web pages, the CSS box model lets you control the spacing of elements like headings, text, images, and so on. It also lets you add borders or backgrounds to elements as needed.

So this chapter shows you how to use the box model to create effective web pages, with easy-to-read text. That includes coverage of the CSS3 features that let you round off the corners of borders, add shadows to borders, and provide gradients as backgrounds...without using the images that were required to produce those effects before CSS3.

What's in All Book Files?

This file contains:

  • the HTML and CSS code for all of the applications and examples that are presented in the book
  • the starting source code for the chapter exercises in the book
  • solutions to the exercises so you can check your work

Appendix A in the book describes how to install and use these files.

Note on file types for All Book Files: The self-extracting ZIP file is for Windows systems. Just double-click on it after downloading, and it will unzip the book examples into a logical file structure starting with C:\Murach. On a Mac or other operating systems...or on systems that block .EXE file downloads...use the ZIP file instead.

Murach's HTML5 and CSS3

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