Murach's ASP.NET 4.5 with C# 2012
Murach's ASP.NET 4.5 with C# 2012

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Murach's ASP.NET 4.5 Web Programming
with C# 2012
by Mary Delamater and Anne Boehm
24 chapters, 822 pages, 358 illustrations
Published August 2013
ISBN: 978-1-890774-75-2

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If you know how to create Windows applications using C#, you're ready for this latest edition of our classic web programming book.

It will get you off to a fast start with web programming, no matter whether you're coming to ASP.NET 4.5 with a background in an earlier release of ASP.NET, Java servlets/JSP, PHP...or with no web background at all.

In fact, by the end of chapter 5, you'll know how to use Visual Studio 2012 to develop and test multi-page database applications for the web.

But this book is much more than a beginning book. By the time you're done, you'll have the professional skills you need to develop bullet-proof web applications for business. You'll also find that this book does double duty as the best on-the-job reference book that money can buy.

Everything you need to know to get going on web development

Look at the table of contents, and you'll see why we say that this book covers what you need to know to develop web applications at the professional level. That includes skills like:

  • Managing state
  • Validating input data
  • Handling database data with SQL and object data sources, as well as with time-saving data controls like GridView, DetailsView, FormView, ListView, and DataPager
  • Knowing how HTML5 and CSS3 fit into ASP.NET applications, so you can tweak that code as needed
  • Creating user-friendly sites with master pages, themes, and site navigation features
  • Using friendly URLs that improve search engine results
  • Handling common frustrations, like back-button refreshes, with ease
  • Deploying web applications on a remote server
  • Using ASP.NET Ajax to create rich Internet applications (RIAs)
  • Developing and consuming WCF and Web API services that can be hosted by one web server and used by other web sites
  • Getting started with ASP.NET MVC...a whole different approach to web programming than Web you can decide whether that's the next step for you

3 reasons why this is the ASP.NET 4.5 book to get first

  • All of the ASP.NET features are presented in the context of complete applications. That includes the web forms, the aspx code, and the C# code. We've found that applications like these are the key to mastering web development…but you won't find them in most competing books.
  • Practice exercises at the end of each chapter let you try out your new skills in a practical way...which builds your confidence in using these skills on your own projects. And the exercise solutions are available from our Downloads page so that you can compare your work to model code.
  • If you download a free chapter, you'll see that all of the information is presented in "paired pages," with the essential syntax, guidelines, and examples on the right page and the perspective and extra explanation on the left page. This not only helps you learn faster by reading less, but is also the best reference format that you'll find anywhere.

60-day trial and 100% guarantee

Like all our books, this one is backed by our 60-day trial period and unconditional guarantee. So please don't delay. Try this book today!

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