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I am a developer and have an extensive library that I reference on a daily basis. I have recently been made aware of your book series, and I love your approach. When I now look up a technology subject on the web, I put Murach as a keysearch parameter.”

Robert Amlotte, Contract Developer, Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida

I am a self-taught developer, and my bookshelf is a sea of royal blue Murach books. Nothing comes close to them for clear explanations and real-world demos.”

Phil Holbrook, IT Manager, North Carolina

I received your books today and it felt like getting a key to the secrets of the Universe.”

Robert Espiritu, Developer, Puyallup, Washington

I am plowing through VB book rapidly so I can return to the ASP.NET book. These are my first exposure to Murach's books, and I love them.... I'm not a professional programmer by education, which makes the quality of your books even more important to me!!”

Bob L., Sr. Engineer, Saginaw, Michigan

You're helping a lot of people; I went from a web designer to a web programmer in a little under a year, and now I'm making web apps for businesses, thanks in part to your books!”

Ron Bailey, Web Developer & Internet Marketer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am actually flying through your C# book now. I just wish I had known of your books sooner.”

Jim Bonner, Engineer, Seattle

I love the Murach products -- I have learned a lot over the years and I have made a lot of money as a result....having purchased literally hundreds of computer programming instruction books, I can say that Murach & Associates is the most valuable and beneficial, in my opinion.”

Reagan Davis, CEO, Azurety LLC, Boca Raton, Florida

I started a whole new career at 47 because of you.... Until I bought your book I hadn’t programmed since before Windows. I had a full time programming position 3 months after purchasing your book. I probably didn’t really have all the skills they wanted but I winged it by using your books. A year later I got another job making $20,000 more than I had ever made.”

Derrell Gore, Software Developer, Texarkana, Texas

Got stuck and it took just one look in your Oracle book, and I was all set and ready to take on other assignments.”

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With Murach books on my side, I can overcome any programming problem thrown at me without fear. I will be buying the other books I need from you as soon as I get an offer that I am expecting.”

Ivan S.I., Software Developer/Lead Analyst, Rockville, Maryland

I have worked for several training companies as a trainer, and I can categorically state that Murach books are superior to any courseware that I have ever encountered.”

Robert Vaughn, PhD, Iowa

I am a computer enthusiast, and I love to learn things, especially in a field where some of the skills I acquired last year are already obsolete. Since discovering one of your books 4 years ago, I became hooked, and I have purchased several other titles after that. Your books are helping me to keep up with this rapid change.”

H. Hallack, Developer/Organic Farmer/Computer & Renewable Energy Enthusiast, West Virginia

I've been in the IT game for over 20 years, and your books have always been my go-to source when I need to absorb new technology.... I know that by the time I finish a book, I'll feel very comfortable with proceeding on a live assignment, which is all anyone can expect. It's like skipping over 3-6 months of OJT trial-and-error learning.”

Jeff Madrak, Independent Software Developer

The book I just received is my third Murach's manual. I'm in school full time and these have been the texts for many of my classes. They're great books--very clear and easy to read. I really like the format of detailed information on the left and quick notes on the right. This helps me to quickly find the information I'm looking for.”

Roxanne Teddy, Student, Sammamish, Washington

I’ve been relearning VB after a 10 or so year absence from programming and have found your books to be, far and away, the best books out there. I purchased 3 basic books on VB when I began relearning about a year ago and the Murach book is the only book I continue to use. I’m currently developing a database application and when I decided I needed more knowledge, Murach is the first place I went.”

Wes Buschman, Operations Manager, Buschman Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio

I just purchased my fourth Murach book on VS.NET development and I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am with those publications. You have done an excellent job in outlining the development efforts in such a way that makes learning simple and concise.”

Aristotle Spyropoulos, New Jersey

I love the side-by-side page layout of figures on the right and text on the left. It makes it so easy to follow along. I also like the consistency of how each example is labeled in the figure and referred to in text.”

Steve, Programmer, Denver, Colorado

Your C# book, and the exercises in it, are wonderful. The same high standards I have come to expect from Murach carry on through this book. I am enjoying it immensely - it helps me both learn and retain the knowledge.”

Scott E. Spurlock, Senior Software Developer, Atlanta, Georgia

I find your books to be the most informative, in part because I am able to finish the books in a timely fashion. I also like the left side/right side design. The other aspect I appreciate is that your books will often identify features that may not be of much use. It's just as important to know what is critical to learn and what may not be.”

Mark Achin, Applications Developer, Providence, Rhode Island

Murach Books has always been our starting point for training knowledge. As Xerox is to copying, Murach books are to training.”

Michael McKay, Lead Developer, Frederick, Maryland

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